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Udja Temple

Our Priesthood

Rev. Dr. Majadi Baruti is the Founder and Priest for Udja Temple, which is Dedicated to teaching of Black Goddess Consciousness. Rev. Baruti is Self-Taught in areas such as Africana Studies, Africana History, Women’s Studies, Africana Womanism, Theology and Thealogy , Human Rights/Civil Rights, History. He has served 30 plus years of his life as an activist and community organizer, fighting for human rights, fighting against patriarchy, misogynoir, domestic violence, and racial capitalism.

He is a former Broadcast Journalist, a professional lecturer, poet and storyteller, Rev. Baruti lives in Birmingham, Alabama where he is now dedicated to the elevation of Black Women and their Children. He is involved in Environmental Justice work and the building of a Temple for the Black Goddess. Over the course of his life he has heard the "Voice of God" in his head as Feminine. It was in late 2008 that he heard Mother’s voice and answered HER call, to "Preach HER names" and build a temple for the Black Goddess. Rev. Baruti has done that consistently. The first Ordained Priestess of Udja Temple is Meri-T Seshat, she is given the title Baako which in Akan means "First Born"

Rev. Dr. Majadi Baruti is the Bell Blair Hooks Professor of Black Goddess Consciousness at The New Theology School, he is Griot, Poet, Urban Farmer , former Radio Broadcast Journalist and currently does Podcasting and Vodcasting in several Social Media sites.

Udja Temple is working to Build A Place of Honor, Praise and Worship of the African Sacred Feminine through our teaching called Black Goddess Consciousness you can support by Donating here....